Sunday, February 27, 2011

1. What is Graphic Design? Graphic design is a method used express a message to a target audience by visual communication. It is a way of influencing someone’s opinion by using a collection of typography, objects and pictures to create something that captures the viewer’s attention and generally looks aesthetically pleasing.
2. What is branding and what are some of its primary applications? Branding is many aspects brought together to define a type of product. E.g. For iPods, their branding is everything promoted about their business that is not spoken that effects the way everyone else sees their business e.g. logo, packaging, brand, advertisement on website etc.
3. What are some Identity Design applications? Identity design applications include logos, visual identity, branding across media and corporate rate identity.
4. What are some applications of Corporate Communication? Corporate communication applications include annual reports, brochures, sales kits, corporate websites and intranet and corporate publications.
5. Environmental Design is important to a company and it's employees. Research and report on some companies that have used interesting techniques to design the spaces that their employees and customers utilise. Lots of big market places use environmental design by having many signs around their market place showing a map of their market place and where that sign is on that map. This informs the customers and their clients of where they are and where they need to be.
6. What are some common examples of good Information Design in Wagga Wagga. Some good examples of informational design are exit signs, street signs and our wagga sign. These all clearly identify information to the public and are easily identifiable, however they may not be as identifiable to people who cant read English.
7. What is Information or Experience Design? What are some examples of it that you have been impressed by? Interactive or experience design is any sort of design that is fundamentally designed to be viewed from a screen. These include gaming designs,
Motion Graphics etc. What are some of the differences between a career in that and traditional Graphic Design? A career in Experience design has a lot more involved in motion graphics and web based design. Because of this experience design has different software that the those designers who work in this field need to know, whereas Graphic designers have more focussed on still images.
8. What is Promotional Design? Promotion designs primary purpose is to introduce or promote groups, sell products and come up with ideas or events to promote whoever their client may be.
9. What are you if you develop and design typefaces? You are a Typographer
10. Lettering is what? Lettering is simply hand drawn letterforms rather than typed letterforms
11. Are their any companies in Wagga that use Mass Media? Yes there are many companies that use mass media in wagga. For example there are many clothing companies such as rivers, JJs and the warehouse that use mediums such as television to mass-produce information about their clothing.
12. What is a demographic? Demographics are grouping populations by identifying aspects that they have in common. This term generally refers to consumer markets.
13. In what disciplines/places do Graphic Designers commonly get jobs? Graphic designers commonly get jobs in design studios, branding firms, publishers, digital/interactive agencies, advertising agencies and marketing companies just to name a few.
14. A Graphic Designer who is just starting their career can benefit from working for someone in what ways? Working with someone who has had lots of experience as a graphic designer can benefit us greatly. By working with someone who has experience we can learn what is fundamentally important, how to manage our time well, how to communicate with fellow designers effectively and efficiently and how to communicate effectively with the client. It is important to learn how to communicate effectively with other people and the best way to learn is to watch someone who has knowledge and an understanding of this.
15. Describe how the process of working with a client is called a 'collaboration'. The process of working with a client is collaborative because now it is rather a bunch of people grouping together to reach a common goal rather than one person producing a job for a company. More and more graphic designers are teaming up with others to give their expertise compined with others expertise to get the best possible result. Designers are also having the need to perhaps hire photographers or illustrators
16. Why does design matter? Design matters because it drives the economy and communicates vital information to our society.
17. What does the publication 'First Things First' say about urgent worldwide concerns and Graphic Design? It discusses the fact that the world has major issues that would greatly benefit from the use of Graphic designers using their skills to benefit their society through educational tools, information design, public service campaigns etc.
18. In your notes, what is said about Advertising and why it matters? Advertising matters because it pushes our economy in a free market system and gives us choices and information.
19. Why should Graphic Designers have ethical practices? Graphic designers should have ethical practices because it sets the bar for who they design for and what they design. Every piece of design can be solved in a large number of ways. It is up to Graphic designers to limit those ways through what they think is morally right.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

These are some logo designs for our zine that we will be working on this year. Basically most of the logos originate from the same concept with slight changes made.