Monday, June 21, 2010


The reason why i had had the complication for my story was because i felt that children could relate to wanting to have fun but their parents being so tied up with that they never have time to play. i feel that this story would be suitable for children aged 7 to 10.

Characters Story

One day the family of flies went on a nice long walk.

In this family there were three children; Harry, Sam and Ned

Harry was the oldest child; he was always so serious and angry.

Sam was always worrying all the time about every little thing.

And Ned was the youngest always wanting to have fun.

Sally and Rod were the parents of this family, they never showed any emotion and only cared about what had to be done.

After the walk the whole family decided to head home for an afternoon nap.

But Ned being a little naughty decided to play a game of hide and seek.

He hid from his family and waited for his family to wake up and find him.

When the family woke up they were concerned for Ned’s heath and started to look for him.

They looked for him at the beach but could not find him; he was not in the sand dunes or the water.

They went looking for him at the forest, they looked in the trees high and low but still couldn’t find him.

They looked in the park, they looked until dark.

But could not find him anywhere.

It was getting dark and they could still not find him so they decided to go home.

Only to find him hiding there all along.

illustration for book