Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Characters

this is my first draft my 5 characters that we are creating with for an upcoming assignment. they are a family of flies and Maggots. In the story i have to come up with i want to try and show a life of a fly and how life looks through their eyes. i want to try and show that life sucks for them because everyone hates them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Illustartor Images
These are images are ones that i have reconstructed in illustrator. They start out with the one that i have done most recently to the one i did when i first started to use the pen tool.

Prestons Earth Moving

At the start of this Exercise we were randomly assigned groups to work in, the people that were in our group were Annabel, Jules and I. We met with Luke our teacher who was acting as if he was a real client who had a job for us to do. His name was William Preston and he wanted us to come up for a logo for his Earth Moving business. When we met with William he didn’t give us enough information for us to really be able to narrow an idea we could pitch to him. After questions were asked we found out that he had his business running for three years. He also wanted his logo to go on machinery and clothing so we had to come up with an idea that could be displayed on either. We also found out that he had a low budget, he wanted strong colours, he wanted a sense of professionalism and his company was located out at Bomen. He wanted his logo to be promotion in itself; we had to keep that in our minds when we were creating our own logos.

After we went out of the meeting the first thing to do was to research the job and find what earth moving businesses looked like, I had no idea what the logo could possibly be so I went to research to give me an idea. After researching the different type of business logos we started to brainstorm ideas of what we thought William would like. These ideas were to just have the logo in a nice hard strong but it still had to be simple enough to read. Our other ideas were to have a tractor wheel with the logo inside of it, and to have a tractor with the logo in the scoop. After our ideas were narrowed down I started to work on the tractor wheel with the logo inside of it.
To do this type of logo I started to research different type of tractor wheels but came up with little results of the right angle I needed. Most of the ones I could find were facing straight at me and not on the side. I did find one in the end so I started to trace it in illustrator After this I worked on the typography and came up with the word Prestons on the middle of the wheel and Earth warped up the top and Moving Warped down the bottom. The text was done in stencil bold.

After our initial ideas were pitched my idea came back with the feed back of looking too much like a saw and not enough looking like a wheel. It also came back with the feedback of having to complex wrighting. Its typography had to be simplier, stronger and the text in the actual tyre itself would look better with the whole in one colour and not just outlined. I was a bit confused when this feed back was given, i had traced my illustration from a tractor wheel so i could not see it as being a saw. After the feedback I started work on my tractor wheel. I initially came to realise that because my tractor wheel was not done as the actual photo it could be percieved as a saw. I started work on cutting down, curving and refining the edges of the tractor wheel. After this was done to my liking so the edges were a lot smaller i started working on the text. I came up with four fonts that i thought suited to what the client would want. I went with very basic fonts that to me were easy to read and showed a sense of professionalism. I had feedback from my group and my illustrations were recieved well.

I feel that my logo progressed a lot. From the first picture to the end product became a lot more realistic professional. The start picture although i thought was brilliant, needed a lot of work to it. The text was was to complex and the outlining of the outer text didnt help matters. I guess i forgot That this logo needed to be seen and identified from far away. I feel that my end logos diplayed this to have a more professional feel to look more tight. I felt that the technology did hold me back because i could only find one picture of the wheel, that limited it to look like that one picture and not a wide variety that i could choose from. I feel that i should have originally scetched it up in my book first. I also think that because i have a limited knowledge in illustrator it gave me only a limited way i could do my logo. Also if i had used illustrator for a longer peroid of time i could have presented my ideas out quicker on paper to develop them more. I wasnt quite sure what the client wanted for the typography. Maybe i didnt ask enough questions about it. I thought i had it in control but in the end im not quite sure my ideas on the typography were what the client was looking for. I think they needed to be stronger.

I was defenitely happy in solving the clients problems, although it is hard hearing the client tell you your work needs a lot of development i feel that it was needed for me to improve my own work to a standard that was better. However I do not think that one day is suitable for a job like this. If an actual client was serious about their buisiness i belive that they would need more than a days work to decide what their business would look like. However if they are on a minimum budget this would change things. If i was to guess how much a job like this would cost i would think about 500 to 1000 dallars. This is exactly the idea i had for graphic design, coming up with different solutions for a client, devloping them and then pitching them to a conformed deadline. However i will need to get ajusting to the fact that my work will be critisezed. I knew that it would be but its different when you are just told that it will be and when a piece of your work that you love gets put under scuitany.

I really enjoyed working as a group. Instead of one persons imput i had three imputs, i thought that my work excelled a lot further than what it would have if i was just doing my work by myself. I really enjoyed asking diferent questions about my work and getting diferent opinions on my work. The only negative thing i can really say about my group were they were to accepting of my work. I think that i would have excelled further if i was given some negative feedback. I think its just that we all had a similar opinion on what we each thought looked good and what we thought the client wanted.

Overall i thought we did a good job and combined different ideas effectively to pitch creative and realistic logos of what our client was looking for. At the end of the day i think we did our job well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Logos Created in illustrator

Raiders logo done on Illustrator
This was our first go using the pen tool in illustrator. I found it frustrating using the pen tool because it was different to the one in photoshop, it took a while to get used to these changes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Three Logos

Forever Florist

Pearly whites Dental Clinic

Heavy T Gym

Monday, March 8, 2010

High design music posters

These are some music posters that i think are of high in quality. All of these posters are set out the same way having a picture or the heading as the centre focal point to grab your attention then having the details a lot smaller so that if you are interested you will come closer and read the finer print. Colours are used well in all of these posters (except for the rage against the machine) to mostely promote the idea of the concert. eg. sound relief having the main theme colour as orange to represent supporting the bush fire appeal.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

5 Favorite Shots

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magazine article consisting of tractors guns and roundup.

What worked-My picture worked because i felt that everything worked well together enough to display the message i was trying to get across. I went with a grey theme because most of the pictures i used had a lot of grey plus the heading I chose had a serousness about it so i felt that it was necessary to display a greyish theme i did. i also thought that symetrically my picture looked good.

what doesnt work- the only thng i felt that i wasnt quite sure on was the skull in the under the heading on the right hand side. although it was a good idea i felt that it didnt really fit in with the picture. i also was not happy with the obvious page layout id used i thought that it was too predictable.

the difficulties i found when splitting the triangle- I guess just trying to split up the heading, the large body of text and the graphics simetrically the way i wanted them to look neat and professional.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Grass Is Greener

This is a compose of a concept grass is greener. My original intention for this picture was to have a desert looking onto a beach with a city behind it. This however did not work out and it was too hard to find a background suitable for it so I decided to go with an ocean looking onto a city. I feel it still conveys the message.