Tuesday, August 31, 2010

composite assignment

Collums in Indesign

This is a spread that we were asked to do in indesign using 12 columns. We then forced all the elements to exist in those columns.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My business is for Sticks and Stones, a Law Agency. My logo itself is two s letters touching diagonally in the typeface AppleMyungjo. This is a serif typeface; I think that this was appropriate for my business. It gives it a professional approach, which is essential for my business. The two s letters would be simple and memorable enough to make an impact on advertising products such as a pamphlet. I decided not to box my logo in with a square or circle. To be professional as possible I needed to have a minimal approach to my logo. The gavel adds to this logo. I needed to show that this website was a law firm without the picture overshadowing the logo, after all, I don’t want people to remember what picture I put on my web skin. The gavel does this. It looks like it belongs to the logo. I did not want it to look like it was floating out by itself; I wanted it to look like it belonged with the logo. This lets the viewer know what this business is while not being arrogant about it.

My target market would be an earlier age group such as a 20-40-age bracket. The green has a soothing element to it and gives my website a friendly aspect to it. my s lettering logo also gives the impression that the target market would be towards a lower economic group dealing with cases such as compensation. Sticks and stones law firm looks like a company that would not be targeting a high society cases. The s logo with the green colour does not give the impression of a high society (we mean business) type of feel. Because my colours give the impression of a friendly feel I have chosen a market that would target individuals not companies.

The goals of this website would be to primarily be used as a marketing tool. One of the reasons why I have put bare minimal on the banner is because it is more likely to make a impression faster. I have left the banner with predominately white space is because the simpler, it more likely to be remembered. I think that the two s letters will make it even more memorable. People are more likely to a simple logo, the less complex it is the more impact it has.

The second goal of this website is to be user friendly. I obviously want my clients to have easily accessible information of what the business offers and how to contact them. The purpose of the web skin is not to focus on the design of the web page; it should be on the business. I feel that the focus should be on trying to be impact on a person (advertising) and to show the professionalism of the business. It should show what the business is about as best as possible. I feel that I have done this well. My web skin shows that the business is professional why still keeping the objective towards a more middle class client base.

I feel that I have successfully achieved what this assignment was asking. I have focused my web skin towards a client base that is generally a professional look while trying to make the company look as friendly as possible. The web skin is easy to understand in a short period of time, and also seems like it would be easy enough to access information.